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Pulse Ultra Defender LiPo Back Up System w/ External LED & LiPo


Pulse Ultra Defender LiPo Back Up System w/ External LED & LiPo


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Product Description

Sophisticated, compact, light weight and incredibly advanced, the Pulse Defender is your ultimate line of defense from in flight power loss, which can lead to the complete destruction of your aircraft. With the Defender, Pulse offers the ultimate level of protection you simply should never fly without.

Designed to defend your aircraft from destructive in flight power loss, the Pulse Defender is a battery back up system that brings simplicity to the fore, offering an ultra simplified plug and play solution with maximum levels of cutting edge safety. The Defender allows a powered off glide or auto rotation in the event of full power loss, providing crucial electrical power to your receiver, servos and flight controller.

Self charging and ready to protect, the Defender monitors on board voltage every millisecond of your flight, and in the event of a BEC or main flight battery failure, the Defender steps in with a 500mAh 2S LiPo back up power source, providing crucial power to your on board electronics, allowing you the last chance option to get your aircraft on the ground, safe and sound.

Consisting of a tried and true 2S 7.4V 500mAh LiPo battery with ultra sophisticated circuitry in the mix, the Defender is a must have device for heli and airplane pilots alike, providing the last line of defense your aircraft deserve.


Power failure is your greatest nemesis, and an in flight power loss can result in complete destruction of the aircraft you have so much invested in. Designed with a high discharge 2S LiPo battery with ultra sophisticated monitoring circuitry, the Defender steps in when power is lost, offering a last line of defense when you need it the very most.

Best of all, the Defender adapts to your system, providing the voltage your system requires. Whether you're running a high voltage 8.4V / 7.4V system or a lower voltage 6V system, the defender will analyze the voltage of your system at start up and provide the voltage required to keep your system set at the proper voltage.

Designed to charge and balance while in use, the Defender maintains full voltage in flight, ready to protect in the event of power failure. Featuring a 2C charge rate and a 500mAh 2S 7.4V battery, the Defender is ready to step in when failure takes place.


Monitoring your flight every single millisecond, the Defender is working overtime to keep you safe. Designed to instantaneously step in when voltage is lost, the Defender keeps everything in check, one millisecond at a time.

Designed to defend, the Defender keeps tabs on your BEC / Receiver Power output. If a transient voltage drop takes place, the Defender will instantaneously step in, providing full voltage, and will alert this voltage drop via a rapid flashing LED light.


Know your Defender is working with the on board power LED light. When you see the LED light with a steady flash every 4 seconds, your Defender is at work, ready to protect.

If the Defender senses a voltage drop in flight, the Defender board and auxilliary LED board will rapidly flash, instantly alerting you that power has been lost.

Pulse Defender Usage, Warnings & Info:
The Pulse Defender was designed as a safety back up device to offer continuous power to the receiver or flight controller when an electrical power loss takes place. The Defender does not offer power to the motor - it is a redundant back up device, allowing the option of a powered off glide or auto rotation in the event of full electrical power loss.

Do NOT use the Defender as a main power supply for your servos or electronics, as the Defender is designed as a backup defense only, and cannot be used as a main power supply.

Before Your Flight:
Be sure the Defender has been fully charged before usage. After being charged, power up all electronics and test electronics before the Defender has been activated, thus making sure all systems are operating normally. Plug in the Defender to your receiver or flight controller and press the black power button to power the Defender, which will allow the Defender to protect your aircraft in the event of a full electrical power loss while in flight.

After Your Flight:
Once your flight has ended, unplug the Defender from your receiver or flight controller to protect the battery from being discharged while not in use. If the Defender is left plugged in for a prolonged period of time without receiver / BEC power, the battery will be irreversibly drained in power, which will result in permanent and terminal battery damage.

Do not leave the Defender plugged into the receiver or flight controller after the flight has ended. Leaving the Defender plugged into the receiver or flight controller for prolonged periods of time (without main flight pack power) will deeply discharge the battery and damage the Defender battery, which will not be covered under warranty.

Defender Specifications:

Battery: Pulse 500mAh 2S 7.4V / 2C Charge Rate
Weight: 38g (Including Connectors)
Size: 55mm x 31mm x 18mm (LxWxH)

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